The Pharmaceutics department has experienced teaching and skilled faculty and trainers who undertake all teaching and training programs for the students. The department has been furnished with latest version equipments. The department encloses a Model Pharmaceutical Company which has a wide set of manufacturing equipments and machines. This offers the students and any visitors a great idea about Industrial Pharmacy when they go out after their course.

     The Model Pharmaceutical Company provides a complete practical knowledge about operating machines like rotary tablet compression machine, driers, mills, blenders, collapsible tube filling machine, blister packing machine, tablet coating machine, and capsule filling machine.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

     The Pharmaceutical Chemistry department has all kinds of latest models extraction and distillation equipments. A broad range of chemicals and solvents are available to conduct academic and research programs. Safety procedures are followed strictly inside of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratory. Aprons, masks and goggles are provided to the students to ensure safety.


     We have our pharmacology lab well structured with organ baths and instruments for dissection and analysis of laboratory animals. A clean and hygienic atmosphere has been created for the students in the laboratory. There is a collection of all categories of drugs available in Indian and international market in the drug museum. There will be replacement of products periodically to ensure updating of knowledge by the students.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

     The Pharmaceutical Analysis lab undertakes research works from external researchers. The department has a long list of modern analytical instruments for academic and training purpose.


     The Pharmacognosy laboratory has museum of raw and natural medicinal plants and herbs for view and learning of the students. Standardization, preparation and formulation of new natural medicines involving new breeds of plants and herbs are undertaken by the Pharmacognosy lab.

Pharmacy Practice

     Pharmacy Practice is the discipline of pharmacy which involves developing the professional roles of pharmacists. Pharmacy Practice offers practicing pharmacists in-depth useful reviews and research trials and surveys of new drugs and novel therapeutic approaches.
The purpose of this standard is to provide guidelines to pharmacists and PSP when medicines are dispensed or re-dispensed as individual unit doses for a particular patient, to facilitate administration with the aim of improving adherence to therapy.